CheatBreaker is a free modpack and client-side anticheat built for Minecraft 1.7.10.

Core Features

  • An easy experience installing and customizing mods, making it easy for you to get right into the game without having to go through the hassle of finding mods for your version.

  • Access to "CheatBreaker Only" games and matches on participating servers (such as MineHQ’s PotPvP), allowing you to rest assured you’re not fighting a cheater.

  • Enjoy a faster, cleaner experience, with CheatBreaker's numerous performance upgrades that often result in more than double your normal FPS!

Why CheatBreaker

CheatBreaker offers a seamless user experience - say goodbye to the days of searching for the most up-to-date version of your mods. CheatBreaker updates automatically, giving you access to the latest mods, making it easy for you to keep enjoying a cheat-free environment.

CheatBreaker has countless quality-of-life upgrades, improving your experience at the touch of a button. Easily switch accounts from our seamless in-game account manager, switch servers from our in-game server list (allowing you to connect to a new server before disconnecting from the one you’re on), and, oh yeah… more FPS can’t hurt.

Are you tired of having to go through the tedious process of manually editing and customizing your mods from config files? We are too. We designed a sleek, in-game mod manager that allows you to tailor your experience to how you want to play in a quick, simple GUI.