CheatBreaker Installer

The CheatBreaker installer will allow you to quickly install the CheatBreaker client which includes several mods that are easy to set up and configure.


Key Strokes

  • Added background color option (pressed and not pressed)
  • Added text color option (pressed)
  • Added box size option (10 -> 32)
  • Added fading between pressed and not pressed background colors
  • Added option to replace key names with arrows
CheatBreaker Settings 
  • Added 'Enable Team View' option
  • Added 'Team View show distance' option
  • Added 'Team View show off-screen markers' option
  • Updated 'Apply to all' button. Apply to all does not apply to background colors
  • Added background color option
  • Added background color option
Custom Sky
  • Updated to work at any render distance
  • Fixed overlap between sides at low render distance
  • Added a notification when enabling when this is not allowed by the server
  • Allowed taking screenshot from containers
  • Moved to bottom right instead of top right

Version 0.2.10 fixes minor issues with the in-launcher server list.