CheatBreaker is a modpack and client-side anticheat combined! In most cases, CheatBreaker more than doubles your normal Minecraft frames!
With a little bit of magic, yes! In most cases, your frames will more than double.
Of course! You are welcome to use the CheatBreaker client on any 1.7 server. Keep in mind that the anticheat component is only guaranteed on Protected Servers.
CheatBreaker is free, yes! This is possible because CheatBreaker was funded and developed by the creators of successful server networks such as the MineHQ Network and the Arcane Network who want to help eliminate cheaters in Minecraft.
Yes, absolutely! However, CheatBreaker will not allow you to load “xray texture packs”.
In short, no.

CheatBreaker creates and stores a hardware ID for your computer by identifying computer components, allowing us to enforce "hardware ID" bans to prevent cheaters.

CheatBreaker will only use your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

On occasion, and in accordance with our Privacy Policy, we may transmit your game files (such as resource packs/Java classes) or process memory to our servers for inspection. We will never, under any circumstance, transmit data unrelated to potential cheating.
Unfortunately, no. We do not see support for Mac OS in the near future, and we will not have a Linux version of CheatBreaker. Mac OS users are encouraged to install Windows using Bootcamp.
If you are detected cheating on any protected server, your account, IP, and Hardware ID will be banned for 18 months.

This means you will be banned from joining all CheatBreaker protected servers in addition to servers that enforce bans using CheatBreaker’s public ban API.
No. In an effort to combat cheaters, you will be prevented from doing so.
We strongly discourage servers from attempting to screenshare players that are using CheatBreaker. The use of tools that attempt to read CheatBreaker’s process memory (such as ProcessHacker) are strongly discouraged and can result in a temporary IP/HWID ban for suspicious activity.
While we are not yet protecting new servers, we are looking for networks to partner with. If you’re interested, email [email protected]
No. You can only use mods included as a part of CheatBreaker. However, we’re always looking to add more mods - just tweet us!
You must create your mod for version 1.7.10. You can submit your source code directly to [email protected] Please add start and end comments for all code added or modified by you. If approved, we will include your mod in a future update and provide credit to you.
We pride ourselves in working closely with the development community to create an awesome experience for our users. If you have something you think is worth sharing with us, please email [email protected] and we will investigate your report promptly.

Those who responsibly disclose issues related to the CheatBreaker platform may receive monetary rewards and/or a CheatBreaker developer cape.